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Allergy Alternatives




At Allergy Associates, we have brought together a diverse group of professionals from the healthcare industry to develop cost effective allergy solutions for physicians and their patients.

Led by Dr. Atul Shah, a board certified Allergist for 20 years, we have built a company that specializes in diagnosing, testing, and treating indoor and outdoor allergies.

Through our experience and understanding, we enable physicians to help their patients get better and live unrestricted, allergy free lives.

Allergy Associates brings an immediate solution to all of your allergy care needs while saving patients time and money for years to come.

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Allergy Sufferers 

Even minor allergies can prevent you from enjoying certain activities or spending time with friends and family.

By knowing what causes a patient's allergies, treatments can be prescribed to help them cope and possibly even avoid them completely.

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Our Mission
To provide science-based products and services to elevate, enhance and expedite your practice growth revenue, and reputation to the highest level possible through superior patient care in the field of allergy relief.
Right Time, Right Opportunity
It’s no secret that America’s healthcare system is changing. Doctors are being asked to do more with less. For the average practice this means decreased reimbursements. This is forcing most practices to look for additional revenue streams, but the catch is how to do this without increasing overhead or damaging your practice’s reputation or compromising patient care...
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