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Right Time, Right Opportunity

It’s no secret that America’s healthcare system is changing. Doctors are being asked to do more with less. For the average practice this means decreased reimbursements. This is forcing most practices to look for additional revenue streams, but the catch is how to do this without increasing overhead or damaging your practice’s reputation or compromising patient care.

One answer is to add services that your current patients are looking for. Allergy testing is a highly sought after service and can be incorporated into your existing practice with minimal training time and a very affordable start-up cost.

In-office allergy testing and treatment is quickly becoming the standard of care in today’s private practices. Having this type of testing / treatment capability within your office will help you improve accuracy in diagnosis and treatment, offer patients a higher level of care and enhance your services by creating the equivalent of an allergy testing center within your practice.

The benefits of bringing allergy testing into your practice are many. Early diagnosis of allergies helps minimize patient suffering, improves quality of life, reduces the need for medications and helps prevent future complications.



​Why Choose Allergy Associates

  • We offer several different types of services. From our on-site technicians performing the tests on your behalf to a comprehensive program that can be administered by you or your staff.

  • Minimal training time needed due to an easy-to-follow program.

  • We provide testing services*, fee structures and management services that meet the OIG’s guidelines.

  • You will have access to the science-based knowledge of Dr. Shah, Allergy Associates' Medical Director, partner, and board-certified allergy & asthma specialist.

Allergy Associates can provide all the resources needed for the five-step approach in allergy care.

  1. Early recognition of allergy symptoms by patient history and screening.

  2. Accurate diagnosis through in office allergy skin tests.

  3. Patient education and guidance on allergen avoidance.

  4. Help physicians and provide resources to make decisions about ideal management of allergic individuals.

  5. Reverse allergies by allergen immunotherapy - SLIT or SCIT.


*Region/Location/Specialty specific


Allergy Associates has two options to best suit your practices’ needs. Both provide comprehensive allergy solutions for your practice.
Ready to learn more?


On-Site Technician/Acillary Services

Our on-site technicians* will provide all aspects of your testing program, while keeping your office in full compliance, making it simple for your practice by:

  • Providing skin scratch testing procedures.

  • Assist with all aspects of billing/coding, along with guidance for your staff.

  • Supplies for testing including test applicators, forms, and documentation.

The benefits to a program like ours include, but are not limited to:

  • No upfront cost

  • Minimize the workload on your current staff with no disruption in service(s)

  • Extremely cost effective because we are able to get supplies at bulk pricing

*Region/Location/Specialty specific

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